• Susanna.moeley

    Your 50% off membership offer is misleading.

    Your current yearly price is £120.

    Your future yearly price is £180.

    50% of the current price should mean it costs £60.  However, you have calculated it at 50% off the future price, so £90.


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  • Brendan

    Hey Guys 

    Hope your well?

    Just a message about the boxing classes on Friday afternoon, They used to be 5:45 but changed to 5:15pm. I went to one last week at 5:15pm and it was dead :( when normally its busy on the 5.45 class. I suspect that 5:15pm a bit too early to dash from work and get gear etc. I have to leave work at 4:15 to get home, then get boxing gear etc. Wonder if youve considered switching it back?

    Everything else im in love with :) 




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  • Dlc_gordon

    Hi People,

    A number of the students that attend and do the double of Calisthenics and Handstands on both Sunday and Thursday at BLOK Clapton (taught by the same teacher) are requesting for the classes to be switched around, so that Handstands is first and Calisthenics follows.

    Please can you action this change for us, it would be very much appreciated

    Thank you, Delicia

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  • Hannah Cameron

    Hi There, 

    I'm trying to find out how to cancel my membership as I've had to move overseas. Please let me know who I can contact to orgaanise this?

    Many thanks,



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  • Maddymaine

    I was asked in an email to confirm, via a link, my attendance at the eastbound event tomorrow . The link doesn’t work. Is my spot still secure? I don’t want to arrive if I don’t have a spot. It is disappointing that I can’t just contact you by email. This system is tedious.

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